General Podiatry 

With 26 bones, 33 joints and a multitude of muscles, tendons and nerves, the human foot is a complex structure that a lot of us often take for granted. At Pod Co we offer safe and professional foot care for everyone, from children to the elderly and everyone in between.  

Pod Co isn’t just for those with foot problems, our services includes: 


Sports Injury Management

Injuries don’t just happen on the field. Whether you’ve hurt yourself while playing sport or just by getting up from the couch the effects can be long lasting and debilitating. 

Pod Co can assess and treat pain related to: 


We also offer biomechanical assessments, orthotics and arch support and footwear recommendations to help get you back on your feet.


Babies, Children and Young Adults

As we grow and change so do our feet, the foot care needs of baby or a child are very different from those of an adult. Issues with feet during development can lead to lifelong problems that affect mobility and reduce your child’s ability to stay active.

Pod Co is here to help guide you with any questions you may have about the development of your child’s feet

We can assist with:

  • in- and out-toeing

  • toe walking

  • warts

  • curly toes

  • ingrown toenails

  • smelly and sweaty feet

  • knock knees

  • flat feet

  • heel and knee pain


Diabetic Care

For those with diabetes, complications such as ulcers, infections and gangrene can be common. If these problems are left untreated they can further risk your health and lead to amputation. 

It is recommend that diabetics see a podiatrist at least twice as year. With regular care from a podiatrist, studies have shown that these ailments can be managed and major complications prevented.

At Pod Co we are trained in the treatment of those suffering diabetic foot complications. We can assess your circulation, sensation and nerve conduction and give you invaluable advice on how to care for your feet and spot problems as they appear. 


Multidisciplinary Clinics

At Pod Co we believe in total care. Our clinics are designed to keep you in your best health with ready access to a team of health providers that include Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Naturopaths and Myotherapists. 

We also consult with your primary health provider or GP to ensure that all of our treatments are aligned with your individual needs.