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Bend and Scrub! Are your feet healthy? Bet they're not.

Let’s start this month by asking a personal question: 

Have you showered yet today? 

Maybe you have, maybe you wait till the evening to complete your ablutions.  Either way, about 80% of you would have finished your personal cleaning at your knees and didn’t even think about bending over to wash between your toes.

Don’t believe me?

Working every day with feet, it’s a constant surprise how many people completely disregard cleaning that most vital and hard-working part of the body.

We are all told at a young age how important it is to wash our teeth - twice a day at least - to keep them healthy and firmly in our jaws till we reach old age. Everybody knows that horrible furry feeling our teeth get when they haven’t been cleaned in a day, the bad breath that comes with it.  

Well guess what folks; same goes for your feet.

Imagine being your feet for a moment. All day in the same socks, encased in shoes for at least 8 hours at a time, sweating, suffocating. All that dead skin rubbing off with nowhere to go but between your toes and around your nails. Fungus and bacteria fighting for pole position in the most gloriously perfect conditions. Sometimes there isn’t even socks to help hold all that debris, so it collects in the shoes, to be added to every time the same pair are worn.

And you’re not washing them! 

Not only that, chances are you’re not drying them properly either. During the colder months we jump out of the shower and quickly get changed - it’s too cold to be standing around wet in the bathroom – and again, our poor old feet get left out; they’re not even getting a good scrub with a towel to help dislodge all the dead skin you haven’t washed off.  

Imagine what that looks like after a week, let alone a month or two.

Now that you’re all well and truly disgusted with your own poor personal hygiene, how about picking up a nail brush - or a long-handled back brush for those of you who find it difficult to bend – next time you’re at the chemist or supermarket and get scrubbing! Toes, soles and around the ankles all need a good going over. And don’t forget to dry underneath as well as between the toes.  Again, if reaching is difficult, use a hair dryer or any long-handled instrument to push the towel where it needs to go. 

No excuses!