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Happy Foot Health Month! Your foot health checklist - Check your feet today!

Every year in October we celebrate all things feet. 

Children, athletes, the chronically ill, older people and the average Joe all need to have healthy feet, for you can go nowhere without them! 

With a quarter of our bones, 66 joints and over 200 ligaments, tendons and muscles residing in our feet, they need extra special attention.  

But how many of you continue to jam your feet into ill-fitting footwear?  Ignore that niggling heel pain?  Paint over that ugly discoloured toenail?

Many more than we at PodCo would like, that’s for sure!

So here is a foot checklist for you, and if you answer yes to any of the following we expect to see you pronto!

  • I have ongoing pain in my foot, heel, ankle or knee

  • My feet look different to previously

  • I have sores or blisters on my feet

  • I have uneven shoe wear

  • My walk has changed or I’m tripping more frequently

  • My feet have a rash, scales, hardness, cracks or peeling skin

  • I have diabetes or arthritis

  • I have limited movement and can’t reach my feet

Remember, podiatrists are the foot and lower limb health experts.  

You don’t need a referral to see a podiatrist so why not make use of their expertise and see a podiatrist as part of your regular health check.

Make your appointment today.  Do it, we dare you!