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Exciting Times for Podco

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

The month of October is an exciting month for Pod Co. Not only are we celebrating the annual Foot Health Month but also the opening of a new clinic in Flemington. We are looking forward to joining Amanda and the team at Flemington Chiropractic beginning on 9th October. You will find our new details along with our Avondale Heights information at the bottom of the page and also on our website. It is apt that the opening of Pod Co 2 coincides with this years’ Foot Health Month, which carries the theme: FEET ARE FOR LIFE!

Everybody needs to have their feet looked after – children, athletes, youth, diabetics, elderly and pregnant women are all catered for at Pod Co Podiatry.   

We see so many people in our clinic every day that have been in pain and discomfort for months, and in some cases years, and have done nothing about it.

My question to all of those patients and the hundreds more that I will see over the following years is simply WHY?

Why on earth are you putting up with pain?

You wouldn’t let a toothache go on for years without seeing a dentist – no matter how frightening the idea of a drill in your mouth might be, eating and drinking is important and supposed to be enjoyable so off to the dentist you will go.

You certainly wouldn’t put off seeing your optometrist if your vision became so bad you couldn’t drive would you?

So what is it about a painful corn on your little toe that is so easy to ignore? The one that makes you think twice about putting on your favourite shoes and causes you to walk differently so that your knee and back ache at the end of the day? 

What is it about that pain in your heel which makes you wince every morning when you get up and throb when you finally sit down at night that can be so quickly forgotten?

It is a constant surprise how many people ignore their feet when they are so important to your every day life.

If there is only one thing you do for yourself this October, make it a visit to a podiatrist. 

Your podiatrist is the only person who actually cares about your feet.